Read the Final Framework Plan

Working with the City and through a public process, Richard Burck Associates has finalized their winning Framework Plan. You can read the full plan by clicking this link: Connect Kendall Square Final Report

And the Winner is…

RBA_CKS_Broad Wetland Perspective

We’re pleased to announce the selection of Somerville based Richard Burck Associates as the winner of the Connect Kendall Square Open Space Planning Competition. Richard Burck Associates was chosen by a six member jury after the culmination of a three stage process spanning eight months.

The framework plan presented by Richard Burck Associates is structured on better connecting the Charles River to Kendall Square, and then better connecting Kendall Square to its surrounding parks, neighborhoods and MIT. This layered effort encompasses organizing new urban form to feature open space connectedness, connecting a series of sustainable storm water strategies, and developing strong pedestrian connections throughout the project area. This “dendritic” pattern overlaid on Kendall Square describes circulation moving in an increasing concentrated way to the Charles River.  It’s a pattern with historic roots rich with interpretive possibilities in connecting Kendall Square today.

Read the official press release.

Read the jury report for Stage III.

Submissions from the four finalists:

View their plans and presentation boards using the links below.


Richard Burck and Associates Competition Submission


Sitelab Competition Submission


MVVA Competition Submission


Framework Cultural Placemaking Competition Submission

Print copies of the teams’ reports can also be viewed at the City’s Community Development Department during office hours. The Community Development Department is located at 344 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Connect Kendall Square: A Design Competition

The Connect Kendall Square Open Space Competition is a unique opportunity to plan and implement a vision for the entire open space network in Kendall Square and vicinity. We’re looking for new thinking with respect to the overall public realm, connections, programming, and place making.

Over the past several decades, Kendall Square has transformed from a former industrial area into a world-renowned center of biotech, high tech research, and innovation.  To complement the changes, the City has planned new open space opportunities, primarily in four locations:

  1. Rogers Street between Second and Third Streets
  2. Triangle parcel at Land Boulevard and First Street
  3. Galileo Way between Broadway and Binney Street
  4. Point Park at Main Street and Broadway

The final result of the Connect Kendall Square competition is envisioned to be a comprehensive open space framework for Kendall Square and Eastern Cambridge that will be used to facilitate the creation of exceptional, visionary open spaces, further promote the innovative character of the area, and help create a sense of place and community. The framework will also help determine the character and role of the new public open spaces in the area (which will be designed as part of separate, subsequent processes) as well as guide private entities as to potential programming and design of future open space as part of private developments.


The Competition is sponsored by the City of Cambridge and directed under the auspices of the Office of the City Manager and the Community Development Department. The mission of the Community Development Department (CDD) is to enhance the character and diversity of the city’s neighborhoods and support sustainable economic growth that expands opportunities for residents, enables a high quality of life within the community, and contributes to a healthy environment. With four programmatic divisions, Community Planning, Housing, Economic Development and Environmental and Transportation Planning, CDD takes an interdisciplinary approach to manage and guide physical change in a manner consistent with the City’s priorities, engaging and collaborating with community partners and other government agencies to make Cambridge a desirable place to live and work.

Project Staff

  • Taha Jennings, Assistant to the City Manager
  • Iram Farooq, Acting Deputy Director for Community Development Department
  • Stuart Dash, Director of Community Planning, Community Development Department
  • Jeff Roberts, Land Use and Zoning Project Planner, Community Development Department
  • Gary Chan, Associate Planner, Community Development Department

A Design competition, Cambridge Massachusetts